boAt Airdopes 393ANC Review in India

boAt Airdopes 393ANC Review in India: ANC Wireless Earbuds?

Discover the exciting features in the boAt Airdopes 393ANC Review in India. Find out are these really true wireless in ear earbuds with active noise cancellation! And also see sound quality, and more!

Let’s Dive In.

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These earbuds successfully achieve a favorable balance between price and functionality while providing customers with a very good audio experience.

In fact, we have classified boAt Airdopes 393ANC as one of the best wireless earbuds in our list of the 9 Best boAt Earbuds- Top 9 Picks of 2023 You Can Buy in India.

I have written reviews on many audio devices based on my personal experience and research. This post turns the review on the boAt Airdopes 393ANC wireless earbuds.

So, in the constantly evolving world of wireless audio, Airdopes 393ANC gives a very good auditory experience for music enthusiasts as well s audiophiles.

This in-depth review gets into into every element of boAt’s most recent addition, looking at the unboxing process, design build, sound quality and ANC features, and more.

These earbuds offer a symphony of sound thanks to sophisticated Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), high-resolution music playback, and a bass quality that leaves a very good sound impact.

I appreciate the ergonomic design, secure fit for active lifestyles, and user-friendly touch controls that delivers convenience in addition to acoustics.

Discover how boAt Airdopes 393ANC are making marks in the wireless earbud market by establishing a balance between quality and cost and meeting the varied needs of audio enthusiasts.

The packaging for the boAt Airdopes 393ANC (also 9 Best boAt Earbuds) is slick and fashionable, setting the stage for an upscale experience.

The earbuds are nicely packaged inside their charging case, along with a user guide, warranty card, and a Type-C USB charging cable, as soon as you open the box. Your trip with these earbuds gets off to an exciting start with the unwrapping procedure.

boAt Airdopes 393ANC Review: Design and Build Quality

The boAt Airdopes 393ANC’s (also one of the 9 Best boAt Earbuds) design and build quality include a number of noteworthy characteristics to take into account.

Their tiny and lightweight design, which contributes to a comfortable wearing experience, is one of their best qualities.

The earbuds feature ergonomic shape and range of ear tip sizes. So, stay comfortably in your ears even after prolonged use. This lets you get the ideal fit for your particular tastes.

Furthermore, one should not undervalue the Airdopes 393ANC’s visual appeal. Both the charging case and the earphones themselves have a matte texture that gives them a distinct, subtle elegance.

The boAt logo is present on the earphones to offer flair and a sense of brand identity.

On the other hand, even while the design and build quality are very good, I feel the neckband is less durable compared to other counterparts.

Again, this tiny flaw can be overlooked give how excellent these earbuds are overall.

The Airdopes 393ANC are not completely resistant to wear and tear from regular usage, but their excellent build quality ensures that any such problems are rare and simple to fix.

boAt Airdopes 393ANC Review: Features and Specifications

The boAt Airdopes 393ANC (also one of the 9 Best boAt Earbuds) are a good combination of features and specs that ensure good audio experience.

The innovative Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology used by these headphones does the job quite well because it provides an amazing 32 dB noise reduction with Hybrid ANC.

You are able to completely lose yourself in your world because of this.

These earbuds also have have an ENx Environmental Noise Cancellation system for clear voice calls, assuring smooth communication during calls.

Another plus is the outstanding playing duration, which offers up to 30 hours of listening time overall, with 7 hours of listening time per earbud and an extra 22 hours from the charging case (in non-ANC mode).

Gaming enthusiasts will value the low latency “BEAST Mode,” which improves their gaming experience. When speed is crucial, the ASAP Charge feature offers 45 minutes of gameplay after only 5 minutes of charging.

The Ambient Mode also adds a safety component by guaranteeing that you are aware of your surroundings while listening to music.

These earphones have an IPX5 water resistance rating, making them resistant to sweat and small splashes.

Thanks to the 10mm drivers, they also exhibit the distinctive sound quality of boAt, providing a rich audio experience.

Additionally, communication is made simpler by Bluetooth v5.2 and IWP (Instant Wake N’ Pair) technology, which turns on the earbuds instantly when the case lid is opened.

Touch controls further improve the user experience by enabling simple track changes and quick access to your default voice assistant.

Indeed, these are the excellent range of functionalities offered by the Airdopes 393ANC. I somehow, didn’t find the touch controls very accurate.

Reason being they are occasionally touchy, which could result in accidental orders.

boAt Airdopes 393ANC Review: Sound Quality

So, how the boAt Airdopes 393ANC (also one of the 9 Best boAt Earbuds) deliver when we talk about the sound quality?

Well, the outstanding Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology is fairly well at the boAt Airdopes 393ANC’s price range.

These earphones use a sophisticated microphones to effectively detect and cancel out outside noise.

This translates into an immersive audio experience that can take you away to your favorite musical or cinematic paradise even when you’re in a crowded cafe or public transportation.

The Airdopes 393ANC extends its acoustic perfection to the field of high-resolution audio playback in addition to its powerful ANC capabilities.

These earphones excel in this area by providing a sound experience of the highest caliber. The rich and nuanced audio quality that these earbuds have to provide will comfort you whether you are an ardent music lover or a die-hard cinephile.

Furthermore, the Airdopes 393ANC do not fall short for you if you enjoy rich, deep bass.

Whether it’s the thumping beats of your favorite tunes or the gentle basslines of a calming melody, the bass quality they add depth and resonance to your music.

These earbuds have excellent clarity and a wide soundstage. They provide a large, open spatial experience that can give you the impression that you are actually watching a live performance.

The Airdopes 393ANC’s audio clarity is also a strong point, guaranteeing that every instrument and vocal is portrayed precisely and providing listeners with an unforgettable experience.

I don’t have any complaint against the sound quality the Airdopes 393ANC delivers. But do find occasionally find the touch controls to be excessively sensitive. This result in inadvertent changes.

However, with the overall audio quality and noise suppression they provide outweigh this slight flaw, making them an appealing option for both music fans and audio lovers.

boAt Airdopes 393ANC Review: Battery Life

The boAt Airdopes 393ANC (also one of the 9 Best boAt Earbuds) excel when it comes to the essential component of recreation.

These earbuds have a very good battery backup on a single charge, so you can enjoy hours of music.

You can view your favorite movies, or make long calls without worrying about having to constantly recharge them. It’s evidence of their dependability and toughness.

The Airdopes 393ANC earbuds charging case serves as both a secure enclosure and a power bank for your earbuds.

This adaptable function enables the case to give the earphones numerous full charges, effectively increase their overall battery life.

In addition, the case itself has a portable design that is small and suitable for you when you are on the go.

The quick charging capability is very handy in situations where time is of the essence.

You won’t ever be without your favorite music or important calls thanks to the earbuds’ good battery life enhancement even after a brief time in the case.

The Airdopes 393ANC delivers good battery life in practical applications. These earphones are made to fit your demanding and active lifestyle, whether you’re starting a long commute, or working out hard.

I really appreciate the decent battery life the Airdopes 393ANC’s offers for playback and its charging capabilities.

I find it a little funny these earbuds have occasional connectivity issues when moving between devices.

boAt Airdopes 393ANC Review: Comfort and Fit

Since I travel a lot and also my daily commute involves a long distance. So, I want my audio device to be comfortable enough and let me enjoy my favourite music.

In this case, the boAt Airdopes 393ANC’s ergonomic design plays a major role in ensuring a cozy and reliable fit.

These earphones are designed to fit comfortably in your ears even when used for extended periods of time.

The total audio experience is elevated to new heights by its smart design, which not only ensures comfort but also plays a significant part in passive noise isolation.

The fact that boAt supplies a variety of ear tip sizes in the package shows their dedication to serving a diverse customer base.

You can choose the size that best suits your ear anatomy thanks to this intelligent feature, which is designed to accommodate a variety of users.

The end effect is greater comfort as well as sound isolation, ensuring that your audio experience is uninterrupted and immersive.

The Airdopes 393ANC are perfect for active lifestyles due to their secure fit. These earphones’ design ensures that they stay securely in place when you exercise, run, or engage in other outdoor activities.

You are free to move around and exert yourself without worrying about them slipping out.

Having said that, I am not very happy with the comfort as claimed. It took sometime for me to get used to after initial discomfort.

I felt pain in my ear canal in the beginning when these earbuds for relatively longer periods of time.

boAt Airdopes 393ANC Review: ANC Performance and Delivery

The boAt Airdopes 393ANC’s Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) features does fair job, especially given the price point it’s available.

This cutting-edge ANC system works by using built-in microphones that actively pick up external sounds and then produce sound waves that are exactly out of phase with the undesired noise to cancel it out.

These earbuds’ ANC technology is unique in that it operates in real-time, ensuring that you encounter few outside interruptions while fully engrossed in your audio experience.

Effectively, the ANC found in the Airdopes 393ANC is quite good at lowering background noise. This ability is especially useful in situations when background noise is persistent.

The Airdopes 393ANC (also one of the 9 Best boAt Earbuds) delivers when offering you with a calm listening experience by fairly blocking out a major part of background noise.

The Ambient Sound Mode fills the need for awareness in those conditions when it matters most.

In this mode, external sounds can pass through the earbuds to keep you aware of your surroundings and awake, especially when engaging in activities like commuting.

Although the Airdopes 393ANC’s ANC technology is certainly excellent, I somehow noticed a little drop in sound quality when ANC is turned on.

That said, the Airdopes 393ANC is a great option for you if you are looking for an immersive and uninterrupted audio experience.

boAt Airdopes 393ANC Review: Connectivity and Compatibility

The boAt Airdopes 393ANC comes equipped with Bluetooth 5.2 version. This is a notable feature of the boAt Airdopes 393ANC that puts stability and energy efficiency at the center.

With this upgraded Bluetooth version, wireless connectivity is lag free while also assuring a steady and uninterrupted connection between your headphones and the linked device.

The range provided by these earphones is also commendable.

It enables you to keep a strong connection even if your connected device is a little further away, giving you the freedom to roam around without worrying about connectivity.

The Airdopes 393ANC (also one of the 9 Best boAt Earbuds) also exhibits good compatibility, seamlessly connection with a wide range of gadgets, including computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Whether you prefer iOS or Android, these earphones offer a seamless connection to your favorite device and a good user experience.

If you enjoy multitasking, this multi-device pairing functionality means you may easily move between your gadgets without the inconvenience of re-pairing.

Once connected, the Airdopes 393ANC seamlessly connect to your device as soon as you remove them from the charging case.

The connecting method itself is simple. Your attention will be kept on your audio rather than trying to fix connection problems thanks to this function that ensures a flawless connection.

All said and done, I indeed found a gap in audio and video synchronization, especially in fast-paced activity like gaming or video streaming.

However, this has little impact on the overall ease and effectiveness they provide, making them a fantastic option for the majority of users.

boAt Airdopes 393ANC Review: Touch Controls and Their Functionalities

So, do you find touch controls and their functionalities useful in your wireless earbuds?

Yes, I do. I find these features very handy. I am sure you also do!

The boAt Airdopes 393ANC’s touch controls offer a seamless and simple way to manage your music playing, improving the overall user experience.

These controls let you to easily play or pause, skip tracks to find the next, and adjust the volume, all with a simple touch.

Whether you’re interested in your favorite music or an engrossing podcast, you will find it very handy.

This means that you maintain complete control over your music experience while keeping your gadget safely tucked away.

The convenience also applies to answering calls. You can easily accept or reject incoming calls with these touch controls, keeping you always connected with just a tap.

The Airdopes 393ANC lets you mute the microphone during calls as necessary to keep your discussions private and noise-free. Additionally, switching between calls is simple, which makes multitasking simple.

Although the touch controls are convenient, I am not at all very happy because these are little too sensitive, which could lead to accidental orders when readjusting the earphones.

Again, I also feel the Airdopes 393ANC (also one of the 9 Best boAt Earbuds) is a user-friendly option for you if you are looking for hassle-free control over your audio experience.

boAt Wave App Features and Customization Options

The boAt Hearables App raises the user-friendly design of these earphones to new respectable position.

It gives you more customization choices for touch controls. Thus, the program offers you the flexibility to fine-tune them to suit your particular preferences.

I feel satisfied with the level of personalisation that puts me in charge and significantly improves the overall user experience.

I really like the sound profiles features of the boAt Hearables App. They are one of the important features these Bluetooth wireless earbuds offer.

Whether you prefer balanced sound or bass-heavy beats, you can select from a variety of sound profiles to make sure your audio experience exactly matches your musical tastes.

The app also offers firmware updates, which keep your headphones current with the newest improvements and bug fixes. You will always receive the best performance thanks to this.

The app’s touch control customization options are a significant feature that enable you to customize your controls, as I already wrote in the foregoing section.

The boAt Hearables App ‘s user-friendly UI contributes to furthering its allure. It is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, catering to both tech-savvy users and those who are not familiar with such tools.

This ensures that you have complete control over the situation and will have a wonderful experience as a consequence.

However, I also cannot turn cold shoulder to a minor drawback in this department of the Airdopes 393ANC earbuds (also one of the 9 Best boAt Earbuds).

I experienced occasional connectivity issues between the app and the earbuds. But I could overlook issues because these wireless earphones don’t need me shell out big bucks.

boAt Airdopes 393ANC: Calling and Speaker Quality

Thanks to its dual-microphone setup—one on each earbud—the boAt Airdopes 393ANC excel in the area of call quality.

The microphones work together in this design to efficiently decrease background noise, ensuring crystal clear calls and putting your voice front and center throughout chats.

With these earphones, managing calls is simple and hassle-free. You can just tap on either earbud to answer a call when it rings.

You get a smooth communication experience because to the continuously great call audio quality and quick touch controls that make managing calls simple.

The Airdopes 393ANC are distinguished by their capacity to sustain noise cancellation throughout calls.

This makes these earbuds perfect for holding business calls or having crucial talks in less-than-ideal conditions.

Your voice is heard clear and loud even in noisy and distracting surroundings.

The Airdopes 393ANC also has good speakers. The sound quality is constantly clear and sharp whether you’re listening to music or having a chat.

This further improves the audio quality overall and makes sure that each note and phrase is conveyed precisely and clearly.

I highly appreciate the call and audio quality any budget headphones offer in the competitive audio market.

It may be my personal experience per se. I found slight latency issues when using them for video chats with these earphones. This isn’t a very big issue for me.

User Experience and Feedback

As usual, I do gather user experience and feedback from end users to provide value to the readers.

In this boAt Airdopes 393ANC review also, I have collected user experience and their feedback from quite a few users and community members.

Based the user experience and feedback, I would say there is a superb trade-off between price and performance that these earbuds provide.

The sound quality and active noise cancellation (ANC) technology have received special praise for a reasonably priced earphones.

Also, the Airdopes 393ANC’s comfortable fit is a frequent element in several evaluations, highlighting their user-friendly design.

One user says, “I’m impressed with the sound quality of these earbuds,” as an example. The ANC functions fairly well given the price range, and the bass is excellent.

Excellent value for the money!” Her review emphasizes the earbuds’ capacity to provide a quality audio experience while fairly reducing background noise—all for a reasonable price.

My friend Raj has similar enthusiasm and claims that the Airdopes 393ANC are ideal for his workouts.

He says they are stable, and the audio quality keeps me inspired. In his assessment, he emphasizes how well the earphones match busy lives and provide a snug, comfortable fit even during strenuous physical activity.

But also has experienced minor issues with multi device connectivity and sound while video streaming from YouTube.

Pros and Cons: What’s Good and Bad About boAt Airdopes 393ANC

While no product is without its criticisms, the boAt Airdopes 393ANC also strikes a remarkable balance between affordability and performance, earning a loyal following of satisfied users.

But again, these earbuds have their share of advantages and disadvantages. Let’s find out below what we have found in our review.

  • Impressive Sound Quality
  • Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)
  • Comfortable Fit with Ergonomic Design
  • Decent Battery Life
  • Customization and App Support
  • Sensitivity of Touch Controls
  • Occasional Latency
  • Average Overall Noise Cancellation
  • Connectivity Hiccups
  • Slight Sound Quality Trade-Off with ANC

Conclusion: Helping Make Informed Buying Decision Easy

So, you must be curious to ask whether you should buy the boAt Airdopes 393ANC wireless earbuds! Yeah, valid question.

It seems the Airdopes 393ANC serve as evidence of the company’s dedication to providing customers with a premium audio experience.

These earbuds successfully achieve a favorable balance between price and functionality while providing customers with a very good audio experience.

They deliver to the expectations of music lovers and people who lead active lifestyles because of their sound quality, fair active noise cancellation, and comfortable fit.

The adaptable boAt Hearables App and the clear touch controls give another level of customization and practicality.

The Airdopes 393ANC’s total package is a good success, earning them a well-deserved spot among the top competitors in the wireless earbud market despite a few small flaws, such as sporadic touch sensitivity.

So, these earbuds are scored quite well in our list of the 9 best boAt earbuds. If your budget allows, you should give them a try.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Things You Must Know Before Buying

  • Q: What is 393 ANC?

    A: ANC feature of boAt Airdopes 393 ANC helps cut the noise out. It features hybrid active noise cancellation that actively and passively suppresses background noise. With ENx™ technology, calling could not have been better as the mic isolates your voice and simply cuts out the rest to enable the best calling experience.

  • Q: Is BoAt 393 worth buying?

    A: boAt Airdopes 393ANC True Wireless in Ear Earbuds with 32dB Hybrid ANC, Quad Mics with ENx™ Tech, 30 Hours Playback, Beast™ Mode,ASAP™ Charge,Ambient Mode,Bluetooth v5. 2 IWP™,IPX5(Rogue Black) I have using this earbuds few days. Even Quad mic but it is Basic one for Calling and the music as well as Huge bass.

  • Q: Which is better ANC or ENx?

    A: If you are in a very noisy environment like an airplane or a train, Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) is generally more effective in blocking out the external noise. However, if you are in a quieter environment or prefer a more natural sound, then Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC) may be a better option.

  • Q: Is ANC important in earbuds?

    A: The benefit of ANC headphones is that by reducing outside noise, you don't need to listen to your music very loudly in order to hear your tunes, thereby sidestepping the main driver behind too-loud listening.

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