HP 14s-cf3074 Laptop in India in 2021 Review

HP 14s-cf3074 Laptop in India in 2021 Review : 12 Must Know Features

HP 14s-cf3074 Laptop in India in 2021 Review-ultimate budget laptop for students and office goers.

Making a buying decision is not always very easy. As I go further and have a look into nitty gritty of the system, you will be in a better position to finally go ahead and make a decision. I am sure this helps you.

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Processor : Intel Core i3 | Generation : 10th Generation | Storage : 256 GB SSD | RAM : 8 GB DDR4 | RAM Slot : Single | Battery Life : 6 Hours Average | Display : 14” HD | Dual Speaker : Yes | Webcam | Yes | OS : Win 10 Home | Type-C USB : Yes | Type A USB : Yes | Graphics : intel UHD | Max Clock Speed : 3.4 GHz

HP 14s offers multiple variants of laptops depending on specifications and price range.

This series of laptops are a simple recommendation to the user who love to have portable machines. These are good PCs for everyday use for students and office goers. These are easy to carry along.

Best part is you also don’t need to shell out heavy amount of money to own these notebooks.

The HP 14s-cf3074 laptop is one of the multiple variants HP14 series offers. This piece of PC is one of the best multiple purpose portable laptops. It is indeed very important part that HP has always kept the portability in mind while designing and manufacturing.

The HP 14s-cf3074 laptop comes with 256 GB SSD and 8 GB RAM. Therefore, it’s powerful device to get your work done faster with reasonably good storage capacity.

The top most use case that comes to my mind for laptops is they are portable. This means if you are a student, you can carry it to your college.

If you are office goer or otherwise attend seminars, events and got to display presentation, this is perfect one to carry around.

This particular laptop I am talking about has good battery backup. And at the same time, it’s not too heavy to carry around.

I got this unit from my office colleague who takes care of IT department in the organization. While reviewing, this device made me believe it has all the features to meet maximum requirements as I said above.

This surely is the fit case for multiple function you as students and office goers will love to have it.

And now here is what my review makes out of it.

HP has always kept in mind the portability factor while designing their PCs. If this is the one factor to look out for, it has hit the nail on the head.

Talking about the design and build of the laptop, this unit is ultra-thin. The look and feel of the laptop is pretty good. The design of the device is compact.

The chassis of the laptop is built with solid plastic material. So, it doesn’t weigh much and is lightweight. The 1Kg lightweight laptop with 14-inch screen is easy to carry around.

The body and hinge of the device is well built and sturdy. But when I put my fingers on the keypad, I didn’t feel it has cramped keyboard.

Also neither the system has backlit keyboard nor has it finger touch reader. However, it’s good to see you can stretch and move your system up to 180° angle.

And therefore, the hinge is not easily breakable.

Let me now jump on to the speaker and other parts of the system.

When you open the laptop you will find the speaker grille nicely placed just above the keypad alongside the power button. The power button is placed on the left.

If you look at the right side of the laptop, you have 2 Type-A USB ports, HDMI port, Headphone Jack, LAN port and power connection port.

While you have another set of ports on the left side. You have a Type-C port, microSD card slot and security lock over there.

Talking of the storage, the HP 14s-cf3074 Laptop offers 8 GB of DDR4 SDRDM Random Access Memory (RAM) in one channel. The machine also comes with 256 GB Solid State Drive (SSD).

The laptop is one of the best in the list of top ten notebooks as talked in the previous section. Combination of 256 GB SSD and 8 GB RAM offers quite good processing speed.

This multipurpose PC is good use if you are office goer and do routine work and run applications that are enough to meet your everyday use. Students undoubtedly appreciate the processing speed for preparing their school assignment and projects.

I must also admit that I do not recommend this machine if your are planning to use heavy applications and play hardcore games in this PC.

Graphic designing and video editing software to work without lagging need graphic card. And this PC doesn’t have dedicated GPU. So, Intel Integrated Graphics handle the graphic load. That’s not enough.

You know HP 14 series laptops comes with 14-inch display. So, there is no secret here with 14s-cf3074 model as well.

As I have talked in the introduction, the laptop has 14 inch screen display. The display consists of 14-Inch HD (1366 x 768) resolution diagonal, SVA, BrightView micro-edge, WLED Display.

The standard 60Hz refresh rate looks good to me because I am not a hardcode gaming enthusiast.

If you come in under this segment, it really doesn’t matter much whether the display is color accurate or not. I am saying this because you as a normal user may not use this laptop for gaming or creative purpose like designing or video editing.

I found the machine has vibrant and punchy panels under this price range. If you happen to use your HP 14s cf3074 Laptop under sharp bright light, you need a little shed. I found no other issue.

There are thick bezels on all sides of the screen. The system doesn’t disappoint you if you attend video calling. The webcam is centrally place on top of the display over the bezel.

One of the important features that I look at while picking up a laptop is battery life. This is because I have to work on the system all through the day. And I want my PC doesn’t need to plug in in short interval.

HP 14 series comes with good battery life. The 14s-cf3074 Laptop has 3-cell 41WHr Battery. Since my office colleague is the actual user, I notice this machine gives over 6 hours of backup in initial two months.

Over 6 hours of screen on time works very well for me. Because beyond this time bound I cannot concentrate on my laptop screen.

I am sure you will also find the battery backup enough for your usual work. Battery of your PC may come down very quickly and get discharged when you put your system on high performance mode.

Talking about the connectivity, the 14s-cf3074 has LAN port, wireless Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and support all service providers. I didn’t notice any lag while connecting through my mobile data.

The HP 14s-cf3074 Laptop comes with a chicklet keyboard. But it doesn’t have dedicated numpad. But on the second row from the top under speaker, it has multi function keypad.

In all fairness and to be honest, the keyboard is suitable for typing enthusiasts. However, I am not a very great typist. Therefore, it doesn’t matter much to me personally.

It has a very well defined feedback. And I found the placement of arrow or cursor keys, Home button, End key and backspace and del key are perfectly fine.

If you have been using laptop of other brand for quite a while and this is a new purchase, you may have to concentrate for a while to get going.

The keyboard also doesn’t offer backlight. So, this could be your complain if you don’t see your keyboard lit up when your turn it on.

The device offers touchpad with integrated muse buttons on its left and right. The clickpad is slightly smaller.

The physical mouse button positioned below the trackpad occupies quite a bit of area. But it works well and registers input stroke smoothly.

I appreciate the sensitivity of the trackpad and the touch response. Both these are quite well. If you want to work faster and are more comfortable using mouse, better use mouse for better output.

The HP 14s-cf3074 Laptop features Intel Core i3-1005G1 10th generation processor. It has base frequency of 1.2 GHz an can go up to 3.4GHz with Intel Turbo Boost Technology.

The laptop uses the Intel’s Ice Lake series of processor and has smaller 10nm based architecture. This is better than the 14nm Comet Lake chipsets when it comes to power utilization.

However, this is not the end. The chipsets architecture in question lags behind later when CPU frequency is the priority.

If you are planning to purchase this machine, it’s good to go. The performance it offers is above average and I didn’t find any lag switching between multiple applications at a time.

The system is equipped with 256 GB of large SSD and 8 GB of RAM which is extendable up to 16 GB. This makes the HP 14s-cf3074 a very good performer

It offers really fast load time and there is no lagging running multiple applications at the same time. This is the direct result of SSD.

The unit doesn’t have dedicated GPU and Intel UHD graphics handle all graphical materials. So, it depends on shared memory architecture.  And dual channel RAM setup boosts its performance.

If you don’t use handsfree or earphones while attending virtual meetings and video calling, you would need good speakers in your PC.

Thus, the system offers good speakers with clear mids and highs. The voice of the speaker on the side is clearly audible, though it’s not an HD sound.

Big question! The HP 14s-cf3074 offers a good range of features in your budget. It’s powered by 256 GB SSD that takes a few seconds to boot your system and load applications.

The laptop is good for multitasking. No matter whether you are an office executive who frequently need to make vivid presentations and speak on the webinar, it has all features it its arsenal.

Even if you are a student attending virtual classes or working on academic projects, this notebook speaks well for you with no lags. The 8 GB RAM at this stage is enough, but can upgrade up to 16 GB.

Moreover, you also have the option with Intel UHD graphic to play light game and for basic image and video editing projects.

10. HP 14s-cf3074 Laptop in India in 2021 Review : Why Shouldn’t You Buy?

Nothing really makes me believe that this isn’t a buy deal in your budget. It has features to make it a very good performer.

But still if you use heavy applications for creative work such as graphics designing, video editing, and gaming you will have to look for a PC with dedicated GPU. This is not ideal for the purpose.

At the same time you will also have to be ready to shell some extra bucks to buy these features. But it’s fine for light game and basic photo and video editing work.

Nothing really makes me believe that this isn’t a buy deal in your budget. It has features to make it a very good performer.

But still if you use heavy applications for creative work such as graphics designing, video editing, and gaming you will have to look for a PC with dedicated GPU. This is not ideal for the purpose.

At the same time you will also have to be ready to shell some extra bucks to buy these features. But it’s fine for light game and basic photo and video editing work.

  • Good portable design
  • Good overall performance
  • Comfortable keyboard
  • 256 SSD storage
  • Fast system boot
  • Doesn’t have Full HD display
  • Touchpad looks smaller
  • Doesn’t offer dedicated GPU
  • Doesn’t have backlit keyboard
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