Noise ColorFit Pro2 Smartwatch in India Review

Noise ColorFit Pro2 Smartwatch in India 2022 (Review)- Top 9 Things to Watch Out For

Noise ColorFit Pro2 Smartwatch in India Review, find out more what you need to know before you pick one.


  • 24X7 heart rate monitoring
  • Measures heart rate in every 5 minutes
  • Ultra lightweight
  • 9 sports modes cover all activities
  • Cloud-based watch faces | Very capacitive touch display
  • Sleep status monitoring Connectivity with Google Fit
  • Up to 10 days battery life

Smartwatches and fitness bands are around for sometime now. We all know that human body is working with the pace of clock for 24 hours.

Therefore, it is super imperative to keep a watch on your health and fitness. Smartwatch or fitness bands help you to get on top of your health.

In this column, I will look at how Noise Colorfit Pro2 smartwatch is useful for you to track your health and fitness.

I know, you all want to be in total control of your activities and for that matter health and fitness. This will also increase human efficiency while keeping a watch on health and fitness.

But, to increase the human efficiency, your body alone may not be enough. This needs supplement.

Therefore, fitness dedicated equipment integrated with advance technology can supplement and increase the human efficiency.

The devices that can be really helpful are smartwatches and fitness trackers. There are a large number of smartwatches in the marketplace to pick from.

For example, you may like to go and pick a premium fitness band or smartwatch like Samsung Galaxy Gear or may be Apple Watch.

But both of these brands are very costly proposition for an average buyer. Yes, there are elite classes that love to own a premium brand, but that might not fit in your budget.

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However, you can still have smartwatch in your budget. Thanks to so many new startups that have ventured into electronic gadgets landscape.

They developed very useful smartwatches that you can afford. These are available in low to mid range budget.

You might have already heard one such brand that is gaining popularity among mid range consumers that is Noise.

The company has come up with Noise Colorfit Pro smartwatches. Moreover, this model has multiple variants in its kitty.

But in this article, I will throw some light on Noise Colorfot Pro2. I am sure it will help you make buying decision far more easy.

So, my brother bought a piece of Noise Colorfit Pro2 smartwatch recently. Let’s see if this is a good choice to buy. I shall reveal everything. Read on.

When opening the box of the smartwatch, you will get surprised that you got an Apple Watch. The look is absolutely similar to that of Apple Watch.

The smartwatch case is made out of polycarbonate material. Bypassing its forgoing sibling, the Noise Colorfit Pro2 exhibits capacitive rectangular display.

The rectangular display is touch sensitive and has curved bezels around it. The curved bezels around the display is very thick and sturdy.

The Noise Colofit Pro2 is lightweight smartwatch weighing only 35Gms. For easy navigation through menu, Colorfit Pro2 has provided function buttons on the right of the touchscreen.

The smartwatch has silicone strap that looks smooth and aesthetic. No doubt, it’s comfortable to wear on your wrist even for long hours.

The smartwatch also has heart rate sensor at the back and also the electrodes that lets you connect to the charger.

There are a few color variants of Noise Colorfit Pro2  you can pick the one that is the most favorite for you.

The color combination of bezels and display makes beautiful contrast.

You can easily attach or detach your smartwatch strap. The strap are designed in such a way that it looks like one size fits all.

The universal size of your Noise Colorfit Pro2 has enough pin holes to fit to the thinnest of the wrist.

The multi-function buttons on the right of the smartwatch also helps you toggle between different options, like start and stop options.

The Noise Colorfit Pro2 offers 1.3-inch LCD IPS display. The display is quite capacitive with 240×240 pixels resolution. You will not complain on clarity of pictures on the large LCD display.

The icons on the display are very sharp and the bright color of the smartwatch produces unique performance even in the brighter light.

The quality of brightness is good enough to display icons and text even under the sun light.

Given the affordability in terms of cost, the smartwatch is quite responsive and functions smoothly.

The display of the device is protected with gorilla glass. You can be little more carefree when handling your smartwatch. Other watches in the absence of gorilla glass are easily broken when fallen on the table or surface accidently.

But it is not the case with the Noise Colorfit Pro2. The gorilla glass protection is solid and tough to withstand the accidental shock.

However, on the downside, if you have wet or sweaty hand, it leaves finger impression and smudges on the display.

The display doesn’t offer automatic light sensor that lets your smartwatch adjust its light with natural brightness.

But you can still adjust the brightness on display to match the natural light. So that the text and icons are seen clearly.

Overall, the display with all these features helps to improve battery backup.

The Noise Colorfit Pro2 smartwatch comes with 210mAh lithium polymer battery. This gives you up to 10 days of backup on a single charge. It also provides staggering 45 days standby time.

I am sure you find it, the battery life pretty impressive. The device also doesn’t take too long to fully charge.

Plug in your smartwatch for about 3 hours and in the meantime complete your other chorus. Your Noise Colorfit Pro2 is fully charged,

Now you don’t have to worry about your smartwatch battery being discharged before 10 days.

You can use your device to monitor your health and fitness activities for over a week on a single charge. That too without it being completely drained out.

Charge time is also not very long considering the battery backup the device provides.

4. Noise ColorFit Pro 2 Smartwatch in India (Review)– Health and Fitness Monitor

By now, I must say you have come across various reviews and articles on your Noise Colorfit Pro2.

However, all of these articles might not have spoken of health and fitness monitor features very comprehensively.

This is of course a value addition to have a look at it.

As a fitness and health enthusiast, you must be keen to know your health and fitness data on the go. This is exactly what the Noise Colorfit Pro2 smartwatch does for you.

Knowing your health and fitness data helps you look at how well  you are doing on your health and fitness regime.

This will not only help you know whether you are on the right track, but also serves as a great motivator.

The Noise Colorfit Pro2 with its multi sports feature lets you count the number steps you have taken, monitor your sleep. It also alerts you if you have been sitting idle for a long time.

More importantly, the smartwatch lets you monitor your heart rate and oxygen level in your body accurately.

It also helps tracking menstrual cycle. Women can take the guesswork out of cycle tracking.

The sleep monitoring feature lets you keep track of your sleep stages  or postures and its patterns. It also records different patterns of sleep in combination of your movement and heart beat.

Similarly, it also tracks heart beat that may change according to your activities.

Overall, the Noise Colorfit Pro2 is a good health and fitness monitor at this price range. See latest price on Amazon.

As a user of a smartwatche, I like to see my wearable gives me a few trendy watch faces. I am sure you too will want your smartwatch provides a couple watch faces that look stylish and appealing.

The Noise Colorfit Pro2 offers multiple cloud based watch faces. You can choose and pick anyone or a couple of them that appeal you the most.

Not only that, you can also pick a watch face and make a perfect match with the strap color of your smartwatch.

This gives it a stylish look and lets you make your own style statement. So, do flaunt your custom style in the crowd.

The Noise Colorfit Pro2 smartwatch has a few wallpapers on the watch itself. You can pick your favorite one.

For more of these watch faces, Noise companion App is very handy to get the service package downloaded.

All in all, the Noise Colorfit Pro2 smartwatch offers larger color display. Therefore, the watch faces you pick either from watch itself or from companion app look very attractive.

6. Noise ColorFit Pro 2 Smartwatch in India (Review)– Sweat and Water Resistance

By now you must have another question on the back of your mind. Simply put, does your smartwatch have water protection? Is our smartwatch water resistant or waterproof?

This is very much obvious question you must have in your mind. As a sports enthusiast, you may participate in more than one sport. Otherwise also you can play various games with your friends.

For example, you are a swimming enthusiast and want to keep track of the number of strokes you hit. How do you do this? Your smartwatch does this job for you.

Now coming back to my original question that whether the smartwatch is water resistant or not. The answer is yes.

Your Noise Colorfit Pro2 is a waterproof smartwatch. The device is equipped with IP68 rating.

The Ingress Protection or IP ratings determine if a device can withstand water even if it’s submerged in reasonably deep water.

It also helps to understand how effectively your device can keep off dust from contact with its internal components.

As I said the Noise Colorfit Pro2 features IP68 technology, the dust and other particles are kept away from being contracted with its delicate internal components.

At the same time, the smartwatch is safe to wear in water or taking bath while it’s on your wrist.

For the sake of testing , my younger brother submerged the device in a bucket full of water for about 30 minutes. He also poured water splashes over it. But the device withstood the water very well.

This ensures you have a durable option in Noise Colorfit Pro2 at a reasonable price.

This is one thing that is very important to consider while picking up your smartwatch. For example, you may not want to have smartwatch that is compatible with one device and not with another.

You may for sure, not like to own it if it does work with only iOS device and not with Android. To make it user friendly, Noise has designed its products that are compatible with both iOS and Android applications.

Therefore, the Noise Colorfit Pro2 smartwatch is compatible with your Android and iOS devices. It finely works with iOS 8 and Android 4.4 and above versions of applications.

The companion mobile App that comes with your smartwatch helps you set up your device. You are now ready to get all the details on your health and fitness performance.

The Noise Colorfit Pro2 is equipped with Bluetooth v5.0. This is good to provide fast connection with your smartphone. The Bluetooth range is also fine.

With the application integration in your smartphone, you can keep a watch on sleep posture and its soundness, heart rate or steps count and so on.

You can also connect your device with Google Fit. This lets you keep a record of previous workouts and your fitness goals.

With all these features, the connectivity of the smartwatch is good at an affordable price range.

Finally, finally, I have reached at a point that matters the most to all end users. The performance.

Well, the Noise Coorfit Pro2 smartwatch comes with colorful capacitive display. You got the real time messaging services on your smartwatch display.

The multiple sports modes is very attractive. This lets you get on top of your exercise or fitness regime. For example, it provides sports modes like yoga, walking, cycling, running to name a few.

The Noise Colorfit Pro2 also offers breathing mode. This feature is very good guide to take hold of your breathing exercise.

It guides along to take deep breathe. This helps stabilize heart rate and manage stress.

Your Noise Colorfit Pro2 smartwatch is equipped with good sensors. It has an optimal heart sensor. This lets you keep a watch on your heart-beat and monitor it throughout the day.

In addition, the standard pedometer, accelerometer and gyro sensor are very useful to track daily fitness activities.

The battery life of the device also doesn’t disappoint you. It has 210mAh battery that gives you 10 hours of back up and 45 days of standby time.

Overall performance of the smartwatch scores very well.

A device may have many plus points to meet the maximum requirements of a number of users. At the same time, it also cannot be completely flawless.

Therefore, the Noise Colorfit Pro2 smartwatch also has its own pros and cons.

In my study, I discovered the following few points that go for and against the the Colorfit Pro2.

  • Appealing design
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Accurate health tracking
  • Menstrual/ovulation tracking
  • Water and dust resistant
  • Overall good value for money
  • Touchscreen takes more time than expected
  • Limited watch faces
  • Initial glitches with App
  • More sports modes could have been incorporated
Hi, this is Mahendra Shah (also M S in short) a true tech enthusiast with a unique blend of skills and passions for writing. I have a formal education in computer science and possess a solid foundation in the world of technology. My insatiable hunger for knowledge and my relentless pursuit of self-improvement is never ending. As a self-taught and self-learned writer, I have honed my skills over the past decade, specializing in the captivating realm of tech gears, particularly audio devices.

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