11 Best Wireless Headphones in India- Top 11 TWS Headsets You Can Buy Now

11 Best Wireless Headphones in India- Top 11 TWS Headsets You Can Buy Now

In a Hurry?

If you are in a hurry and don’t have much time to scan through the whole article, please have a look at our overall best pick below:

OnePlus Buds Pro Bluetooth Truly Wireless in Ear Earbuds

The earbuds deliver an excellent noise cancellation, outstanding sound with consistent bass, battery life is at par with the price.

Bluetooth wireless headphones have been winning hearts for a while now. And it’s easy to see why? They’re super convenient and simple to use.

I do agree that wired headphones have a slight edge in sound quality. But for most of you, wireless is your thing to embrace. They’re just too good to pass up, with top-notch quality and reliability.

We’ve put in the hours to test every single pair of wireless headphones on this list. Our experts, with years of experience under their belts, have tested them all.

We know what’s up, and that’s why the Sennheiser HD 450SE, the Jabra Elite 4 Active, the Samsung the Galaxy Buds Pro and the JBL Tune 760NC are a few notable picks from our experts.

All these audio devices been around for some time now, but they’re still unbeatable in terms of value.

We’re serious about our music, so we know what makes a great pair of headphones. We’ve got our ears tuned in to all the important features, like app support and active noise cancellation.

So, if you’re in India and looking for the best wireless headphones, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s dive in and find your perfect match.Have a quick glance at my top picks below:

OnePlus Buds Pro Bluetooth Truly Wireless in Ear Earbuds

Oneplus Buds Pro Bluetooth Truly Wireless in Ear Earbuds

  • Battery: 38 Hours
  • Sound: Excellent Bass
  • USP:Great Bass
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JBL Tune 760NC Wireless Over Ear Headphone

BL Tune 760NC, Over Ear Active Noise Cancellation Headphones

  • Battery: 50 Hours
  • Sound: Immersive Sound
  • USP:All Round Performance
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Sennheiser HD 450SE (ANC) Bluetooth Headphone

Sennheiser HD 450SE Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Over Ear Headphone

  • Battery: 30 Hours
  • Sound: Noise Cancelling
  • USP:Dual Connectivity
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Bose Soundsport Sweatproof Bluetooth Wireless In Ear Earphones

Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones

  • Battery: 6 Hours
  • Sound: Balanced Sound
  • USP:Outdoor Activity
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Jabra Elite 4 Active in Ear Bluetooth Earbuds

Jabra Elite 4 Active Bluetooth Truly Wireless in Ear Earbuds

  • Battery: 28 Hours
  • Sound: ANC Sound
  • USP:Best Active Noise Cancellation
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Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Bluetooth Truly Wireless In Ear Earbuds

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Intelligent ANC Bluetooth Truly Wireless in Ear Earbuds

  • Battery: 28 Hours
  • Sound: Surround Sound
  • USP:Water and Sweat Resistance
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JBL Endurance Race True Wireless in Ear Earbuds

JBL Endurance Race TWS Active Sports Earbuds

  • Battery: 30 Hours
  • Sound: Bass Sound
  • USP:Best for Jogging and Workout
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Skullcandy Hesh EVO Over Ear Headphone

Skullcandy Hesh Evo Bluetooth Wireless Over Ear Headphone with Mic

  • Battery: 36 Hours
  • Sound: Rich Bass Sound
  • USP:Most Comfortable
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iClever BTH13 Bluetooth Kids Headphones

iClever BTH13 Bluetooth Over Ear Headphone

  • Battery: 45 Hours
  • Sound:Stereo Sound
  • USP:Best for Girl Birthday Gift
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Skullcandy Crusher Evo Wireless Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones

Skullcandy Crusher Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones

  • Battery: 40 Hours
  • Sound:Thumpy Bass Sound
  • USP:Fun with Bass
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iClever BTH12 Bluetooth Headphones

iClever Bluetooth Headphones with Mic, Headphones for Kids

  • Battery: 40 Hours
  • Sound:Good Sound for Kids
  • USP:Best for Kids
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Here are the top 11 picks of Bluetooth headphones at a glance for everyone

  1. Best Headphones with Great Bass- Oneplus Buds Pro Truly Wireless Earbuds
  2. Best All Round Over-Ear Headphones- JBL Tune 760NC
  3. Best Dual Connectivity Headphones- Sennheiser HD 450SE
  4. Best for Outdoor Activity- Bose Soundsport Sweatproof
  5. Best for Active Noise Cancellation- Jabra Elite 4 Active
  6. Best for Water and Sweat Resistance- Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro
  7. Best for Jogging and Workout- JBL Endurance Race TWS
  8. The Most Comfortable Headphones- Skullcandy Hesh Evo
  9. Best for Girl Birthday Gift- iClever BTH13
  10. Best for Fun with Bass- Skullcandy Crusher
  11. Best for Kids- iClever BTH12 Bluetooth Headphones

Top 11 Wireless Headphones You Can Buy Now

These are the best wireless headsets very carefully curated and picked after using them for weeks and months.

Let’s dive in and see how each of them comes out in overall performance.

1. Oneplus Buds Pro Truly Wireless Earbuds– Best Headphones with Great Bass

OnePlus Buds Pro Bluetooth Truly Wireless in Ear Earbuds

The earbuds deliver an excellent noise cancellation, outstanding sound with consistent bass, battery life is at par with the price.

When I first held the Oneplus Buds Pro, I got the feeling of the Apple AirPods Pro in terms of design and look. But I would have been even happier if it would have been matte black.

Then I love the OnePlus Buds Pro.  I am sure you will too!

Looking at the look and feel, I could imagine OnePlus took inspiration from the Goliath, from the rounded ear tip design with silicone tip to the short protruding stem.

I am very much impressed that even the touch controls on the Buds Pro are similar to those on the AirPods Pro.

There is a series of stick presses for adjusting playback, listening modes, and answering calls.

Frankly, I don’t know how much inspiration OnePlus got from Apple. But, these headphones look premium, when it comes to rating by price.

OnePlus Buds Pro Truly Wireless is an updated version of OnePlus Buds Truly Wireless. To get the most out of these in-ears, you’ll need to pair them with your OnePlus phone.

If you’re using it with an Android or iOS device, it might be a little lacking. However, these headphones have some new features.

There is currently a OnePlus companion app and a secondary app for users without a OnePlus phone, both of which offer a “OnePlus Audio ID”.

These in-ear headsets also have active noise cancellation (ANC), but overall performance is subpar for me.

Though the company claims 38 hours of battery life for music, I could manage to play a little over 25 hours on a single charge.

But it does have a ‘warp charge’ feature did deliver around 10 hours of continuous play on a 10-minute charge.

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) is relatively weak on the OnePlus Buds Pro. The intelligent noise canceling mode does deliver average performance.

With the maximum “Noise Cancellation” setting enabled, there is a slight reduction in ambient noise from the metro, trains, and air conditioning.

Passive isolation from silicone earbuds is not comparable to competing earbuds. Even if the fit is good, it just blocks out high-frequency noise.

These aren’t the earplugs you should get if you fly frequently and want to keep the noise down on board.

  • Appealing design and build
  • Smooth audio delivery
  • Light-weight and comfortable
  • Dust and water resistant
  • Average active noise cancellation
  • Custom EQ feature missing

2. BL Tune 760NC– Best All Round Over-Ear Headphones

JBL Tune 760NC Wireless Over Ear Headphone

JBL Tune 750BTNC delivers immersive sound with impressive powerful and deep bass. The headphones let you pair two devices at the same time and Very good battery life of up to 50 hours of backup

What I really like about the JBL Tune 750BTNC headphones is they are high-quality, affordable noise-canceling headphones.

These headsets are making rounds for quite some time now. But still highly recommended if you’re looking for all-around over-ear headphones.

JBL is a very well-known name in the world of the headphones segment and many headphones enthusiasts welcome them.

These are headphones with decent sound quality at a decent price. They turn out to be the predecessor of their outgoing siblings.

But the JBL Tune 750BTNC headphones are a very good successor to their forgone sibling and make some notable improvements.

I’ve used them in a variety of scenarios, from training to my daily commute, and found the experience to be very good for the price.

I feel it’s a very good deal for the given price range, especially considering it offers noise-canceling technology that rivals the best headphones you can buy today.

As such, it’s one of my top picks in the list of the 11 best wireless headphones. The JBL Tune 750BTNC packs a punch and is very exciting.

If you stick with songs that require you to play loud, like My Favorite Game by The Cardigans, you’ll feel trapped at the moment.

Just the right volume for the bass, without drowning out the other details in the song. The JBL Tune 750BTNC offers the same standard of sound quality and noise cancellation as its much more expensive competitor.

This low price is only noticeable for good things like battery life, app support, and a lack of adaptive noise cancellation.

  • Comfortable to wear
  • Good sound quality
  • Best all-round headphones
  • Good noise cancellation
  • Average battery life
  • It’s not IP rated, water resistant
  • Portability is an issue

3. Sennheiser HD 450SE– Best Dual Connectivity Headphones

Sennheiser HD 450SE (ANC) Bluetooth Headphone

Sennheiser HD 450SE delivers Very good control functionalities, virtual assistant button for Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, smooth connectivity with AAC & AptX low latency codec and delivers good on active noise cancellation front.

If you are looking for a fashionable item in headphones, the HD 450SE is a staple item that can be matched with anything.

I am pretty impressed to see that they’re recognizable as Sennheiser and offer the same tidy profile and build quality as the brand’s more affordable HD 350BT.

The ear cups are well-padded and the headband is very smooth. The HD 450SE also features a 2.5mm jack for wired connectivity, providing a handy backup if you’re running out of power or need to connect headphones to your in-flight entertainment system.

Charging is via USB-C and a full charge takes about 2 hours. With the Sennheiser Smart Control app, you can replace Google or Siri with Amazon Alexa as your standard Smart Assistant.

But whichever voice assistant you prefer, these cans have more than AI chatter. The headphones use robust Bluetooth 5.0 and offer AAC, aptX, and aptX for tighter synchronization with video footage that supports low latency.

One missing feature, however, is touchpad controls. Everything you need is accessible via a button, slider, or rocker switch on the edge of the right earcup.

There’s a dedicated voice assistant button and regular buttons for power, Bluetooth pairing, and transport.

With no EQ applied, these Sennheisers represent everything equally. I didn’t find any issue with heavy bass, but it doesn’t sound overly boomy.

I did listen to Tears for Fears’ Rivers of Mercy’s lazy piano, vocals, and harmonies show air and rhythm with ebb and flow.

But Explosions in the Sky’s Wilderness didn’t produce very exciting results. When things go wrong, this sense of balance can freeze your track and cause it to lose dynamics and scale.

However, given the high budget price of these headphones, there’s plenty of room for tweaking with a little slack.

The Sennheiser Smart Control app has rock, pop, dance, hip-hop, classical and movie presets to choose from under the equalizer banner. There is also a dedicated podcast mode.

  • Light-weight and comfortable fit

  • Balanced overall performance
  • Universal voice assistant
  • Dual connectivity option
  • Average MIC quality

  • Button layout doesn’t look very smooth
  • Average noise cancelling

4. Bose Soundsport Sweatproof– Best for Outdoor Activity

Bose Soundsport Sweatproof Bluetooth Wireless In Ear Earphones

Bose Soundsport Sweatproof in-ear headphones deliver a consistently balanced sound, provides NFC pairing with help of voice prompts. They very well fit and stay in the ear while working out.

Boese is a very big player in the audio market segment with an excellent understanding of its customer psyche.

However, the Bose SoundSport Wireless headphones are doing on an average now.

After all, the company has rolled out several generations of true wireless workout earbuds, confirming its bet that the future is going to be fully wireless.

Frankly speaking, I didn’t feel the modern convenience of true wireless earbuds the SoundSport. I used the Bose SoundSport Wireless in-ear headphones for a couple of months to see how it performs.

SoundSport Wireless headsets have a bulky plastic case and they have IPX4 waterproof rating. After two months of use, the SoundSport Wireless has no noticeable issues for me.

It makes sense that the buds are so big since all the Bluetooth components have to be moved somewhere.

The buds stick out of my ears when using the SoundSport Wireless. Despite the unstable fit, the earplugs stay in place during sports.The StayHear+ sports tip is responsible for keeping your SoundSport wireless training earbuds in place. They’re not the most sophisticated tips, but they’re functional, and that’s a good thing.

In my experience, the battery performed better than what is claimed. It lasted a little over 6 hours on a single charge.

All that said, it might not be enough if you’re playing non-stop, but in the real world, it’s all work week. The earbuds take 2 hours to fully charge.

In my opinion, these wireless headphones are not the best noise Isolating earphones, but that’s the nature of the StayHear+ earplugs.

They provide a snug fit without annoying suction in your ears, but they don’t completely block out background noise.

If you want a tight-fitting pair of training earbuds, check out the other options as well

  • Stable connection
  • Good and comfortable fit in the ear
  • Good reproduction of sound
  • Smooth control functionalities
  • aptX is missing
  • Design looks a little bulky
  • Not the best noise isolating headset

5. Jabra Elite 4 Active– Best for Active Noise Cancellation

Jabra Elite 4 Active in Ear Bluetooth Earbuds

Jabra Elite 4 Active in-ear headphones are equipped with active noise cancellation and adjustable hear-through technology. They have an IP57 water resistant feature and it’s excellent.

When I got these in-ear headsets, I didn’t realise they are really great for active noise cancellation, decent battery life, and use during workouts.

In fact, these are two great-sounding earbuds that are easy to use when exercising. They are comfortable, have on-ear controls, and are IPX4 water-resistant.

Therefore, you’ll be protected from sweat and rain. Like all Jabra earbuds and headphones, the Elite 4 Active offer a comfortable listening experience.

However, it does not lead the class when it comes to audio performance. The Jabra Elite 4 comes with 6mm drivers and a customizable equalizer via the Jabra Sound+ app to tune the sound to your liking.

The smooth-feel case doesn’t come with wingtips to keep it firmly in your ears during exercise, but the Elite 4 Active still feels very snug.

Jabra claims the Elite 4 Active lasts up to 28 hours with the charging case, and the earbuds themselves offer you seven hours of playback.

This seemed mostly true in my experience with active noise cancellation turned on. Battery life is longer than the Apple AirPods 3 and Sony WF-1000XM4.

Connectivity is provided by Bluetooth 5.2 and pairing with the iPhone 13 mini was a breeze. For setup, you need to download the Jabra Sound+ app.

Here you can choose your EQ settings, adjust the HearThrough level, and update the firmware if necessary.

  • Good design and build
  • Good noise cancellation
  • Good reproduction of sound
  • Water and sweat resistant
  • Low bass is not very exciting
  • Doesn’t offer AAC support
  • Customising controls is not easy

6. Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro– Best for Water and Sweat Resistance

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Bluetooth Truly Wireless In Ear Earbuds

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro delivers very good ANC. These are the best sweat and water-resistant earbuds. The in-ear headsets have very good balanced sound and frequency response.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro earbuds are comparable to the Apple AirPods Pro equivalent to the Samsung Galaxy S21 line of phones. It doesn’t cover everything these true wireless earbuds can do.

But basically, both Apple’s flagship earbuds and Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Pro offer active noise cancellation.

Both also have support for some sort of spatial audio that makes TV shows and movies sound even more immersive.

Additionally, both offer 5 hours of battery life before needing a charge. That’s why we believe both are the best true wireless earbuds in any way.

But these noise-canceling earbuds go beyond these primary features for those who own the best Samsung phones or Samsung tablets.

For them, these earbuds are the missing piece of the puzzle that ties everything together in Samsung’s ecosystem.

Speaking of cases, they are shaped like small treasure chests, and the lid that is recessed in the middle comes off and pops up.

It’s fairly compact and convenient if you want to keep it in your pocket. Both the inside and outside of the case have status LEDs that turn green, amber, or red depending on how much battery is left.

Two great features of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro are active noise cancellation and IPX7 waterproofing, the highest rating for Samsung earbuds to date.

Previously, Samsung’s earbuds were only his IPX2 or IPX4 water resistance. That said, while it was fine for a few drops of rain and a little sweat.

But, might not resist heavy drops of water and intense sweating. This doesn’t take way good features the Buds Pro offer.

  • Good water and splash resistant feature
  • Good noise cancellation
  • Good sound reproduction
  • Easy-to-use touch controls
  • Doesn’t offer Google/ Siri voice assistant
  • Doesn’t stick in the ear when an intense workout
  • 360 audio works only with Samsung Galaxy devices

7. JBL Endurance Race TWS– Best for Jogging and Workout

JBL Endurance Race True Wireless in Ear Earbuds

JBL Endurance Race TWS in-ear headsets are IP67 rated as an excellent feature. They deliver very rich and immersive sound with excellent bass. JBL Headphones App lets you tweak EQ levels very smoothly.

These JBL buds are pretty chunky, but feel sturdy with the rubberized protection. It’s very much impressive to see these earbuds are IP67 rated for dust and water resistance.

So you can wear them while working out, jogging, or even in the shower. But I suggest not wearing them in the shower because they may not be fully waterproof.

I am happy to get extended silicone loops for a better fit. They also work well without feeling too much pressure on your earlobes and the buds don’t pop out of your ears during exercise.

Silicone ear tips pierce the ear canal and create a tight seal. If the pre-installed middle option isn’t the right size, there are two more sets of tips in the package.

I really cannot describe the shape of the buds cannot be described in words. See more on Amazon.

The design reminded me of the Soundcore Liberty 2 earbuds  I purchased and used sometime back. 

But I must confess these buds aren’t the loudest, but they’re loud enough indoors and outdoors at near 70% and 80% volume.

When the company advertises “JBL Pure Bass Sound,” you can guess what the Endurance Race’s default sound signature is.

Yes, it’s heavy bass, but since I use these headphones mainly while exercising or jogging, the extra punch isn’t a bad thing.

The extra bass eats up certain mid-frequencies, but the overall output is very energetic. Vocal clarity is pretty decent, though certain mid-range frequencies are masked.

The highs are sharp but fade quickly. Luckily, the companion app offers a 10-band equalizer. So you can customize the sound as you like.

If that’s too much for you, you can also play with 5 audio presets. Boosting specific mids and highs with an equalizer improves overall sound balance without compromising bass.

Definitely worth a try.

  • Companion app lets you tweak the sound
  • Delivers solid sound
  • Good build and fit
  • IP67 rated dust, water, and sweat resistant
  • Touch controls are not very responsive
  • Overall design looks a little bulkier
  • Very weak active noise cancellation

8. Skullcandy Hesh Evo– The Most Comfortable Headphones

Skullcandy Hesh EVO Over Ear Headphone

The Skullcandy Hesh Evo headphones are very comfortable. These headphones have very smooth and easy control functionalities. They come with built-in tile finding technology.

I prefer comfortable headphones when I am on a long travel. If you are looking for one of the most comfortable headsets, Skullcandy Hesh Evo is the answer.

It has an overall plastic-like design with a metal frame running through the headband. The earcups and headband are padded with imitation leather.

However, it doesn’t feel very dense or durable, so it can easily be damaged if not handled carefully.

I didn’t find anything explicitly written on IP rating. Therefore, I am not sure whether the headsets are splash or water-resistant. Neither did I practically test them.

The Skullcandy Hesh Evo are solid headphones. They should never leave your mind while you are working at your desk or walking around.

However, when worn during more strenuous physical activity, it can cause your head to move or fall off your head.

The Skullcandy Hesh Evo has poor bass precision. It’s so overemphasized throughout its range that it gives you a bang, punch, and boom.

Some users like this sound, while others find it a bit muddy and overwhelming. However,  your experience may vary, as bass response varies from person to person.

The Skullcandy Hesh Evo has poor sound isolation. It doesn’t really block low-end noise and struggles to reduce mid-range noise like ambient noise.

If you’re looking for similar headphones with ANC functionality to reduce ambient noise, try the Skullcandy Hesh ANC Wireless.

The Skullcandy Hesh Evo Wireless are Bluetooth headphones with a simple design. They offer about 44 hours of uninterrupted playtime.

That’s much longer than the Skullcandy Hesh 3 Wireless. It also has an exciting V-shaped sound profile that adds booms and thumps to your mixes while brightening up vocals and lead instruments.

However, there are no EQs or presets you can use to tweak the sound. It also struggles to isolate ambient noise and loses some audio at high volumes.

The Skullcandy Hesh Evo is discreet when it comes to calling. They have an integrated mic that picks up your voice decently.

However, I struggle in noisy situations like a busy street. This can make it difficult to understand what the person on the other side is saying.

  • One of the most comfortable headphones
  • Lovely recording at the price range
  • Very good battery life
  • V-shaped sound profile ads boom
  • Doesn’t have EQ features
  • High volume is overwhelming
  • Average noise isolation
  • IP water resistance rating missing

9. iClever BTH13– Best for Girl Birthday Gift

iClever BTH13 Bluetooth Kids Headphones

The iClevr BTH13 is an excellent headphone for Gifting on a girl’s birthday. The headphone delivers 45 hours of playback and is portable and the Hands-free mic delivers good performance.

If you are looking to gift beautiful headphones to your girl, I am sure there could be known better option than the iClever BTH13.

The BTH13 comes in pink and blue, with flashing lights on both earcups and tiny kitten ears on top of the headband.

There is a set of children’s tins that are very similar to, but not decidedly identical to, and may be more preferred by boys.

The iClever model BTH12 comes at the same price that the BTH13 costs. The back of the right cup has the usual multi-function buttons, and a real on/off switch.

There is also a USB-C charging port and a 3.5mm audio jack. There is a 3.5mm cable and a USB-A to USB-C charging cable in the box.

The button features a combo press to limit peak volume to 74, 85 or 94 dB. This is an important feature for new ears. Set the desired volume level before giving it to your child.

Also, don’t throw away user manuals that contain keyboard shortcuts. Not all key combinations seemed to work when the headset was plugged in.

I had to unpair the phone before changing the maximum volume.  The iClever BTH13 sounds great. Ignore the audio feedback.

Seemingly boring. They’re not like the Sony’s, but given the price, they can do a lot worse. The midrange is nicely defined, and there are enough highs to get the job done.

And surprisingly, there is a certain amount of bass.  Young ears probably won’t mind. In short, these are real headphones, not cheap toys for toddlers.

Talking about the volume, I’m always concerned about young people sending sound waves into their eardrums from such short distances, and the BTH13 pretty much nailed it.

I chose the 65dB limit for very young children. I might, but I don’t think the 74dB max volume is harmful.

If the music is engaging, children will push for it. iClever didn’t tell me how much battery it had, but the BTH13 worked endlessly for eight hours on my desk.

I think this is acceptable. iClever claims the headsets have a 45-hour runtime without the lights on.

  • Perfect option for a gift
  • Affordable price
  • Uncompromising sound
  • Reasonable max volume to protect child’s ears
  • I
  • Children may stop using after some time
  • Very delicate

10. Skullcandy Crusher– Best for Fun with Bass

Skullcandy Crusher Evo Wireless Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones

The Skullcandy Crusher delivers very good and smooth connectivity with any Bluetooth device. The headsets provide clear sound and keep away outside noise. They deliver decent battery life to let you enjoy music for hours.

You love to have fun with bass? Let’s have fun with Skullcandy’s Crusher wireless headphones.

However, if you are not fond of bass, there are better headphones than Skullcandy’s Crusher Wireless.

For bass loving people, who like the heavy bass like in the club, or if you like tinkering with audio, then you’re going to love these headphones.

I did find playing with it fun. And you will also find it fun. Of course, the standout feature of these headphones is the adjustable bass with haptic feedback.

Skullcandy says it delivers “feelable bass” and they’re not lying. Doing this, the sound is frankly funny.

You can actually feel the vibration and hear the bass more than anything else. It’s like putting on a subwoofer, and while it’s fun in a way, it can lead to moments where the sound is a little muffled.

I felt the drums dominating the track, vocals distorting, and the low frequencies becoming a nasty hum rather than a satisfying rumble.

Even the biggest bass enthusiasts could be happy with the slider set to half. This suggests that the cutoff point for this slider is too high.

As far as design is concerned, Skullycandy’s Crusher Wireless headphones don’t look very unique. Taking Batman’s approach, they’re all dressed in black, opting for a matte finish rather than glare.

The battery life is definitely the strength of these headphones,  and you probably won’t need to use the charging cable too often.

When playing at volumes ranging from average to treble to tactile bass on the low end, another charge is required.

It took about 40 hours to get there. This is excellent. I can imagine that relying heavily on haptic features could result in slightly lower battery life.

But I don’t think that’s a big issue many people face.

  • You can have a lot of fun with bass
  • Affordable headphones
  • Deliver good battery back up
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Control functionalities are not very impressive
  • Rubber headband doesn’t look aesthetic
  • Average sound quality
iClever BTH12 Bluetooth Headphones

The iClever BTH12 headphones deliver stereo sound with a volume limit for young ears. They provide a stable connection with Bluetooth v5 technology. The wireless headset durable design and a generous warranty.

I bought a pair of these headphones to gift to my niece a few months back.

I am impressed with the adjustable maximum volume of the iClever BTH12 Kids Headphones. This is really a great feature.

My niece has been playing with these headphones for over 3 months now. And she didn’t complain as of now.  One thing that can be improved is the headphones should stop the hat 85dB instead of opening up to 94dB.

It’s not easy to change the setting, but you have to change it every time you turn on the device, and the default setting is his loudest setting.

At setting of 94dB for playing music. It seems very loud and is totally and may not be suitable for headphones designed for children.

The iClever BTH headphones deliver great full-range sound with deep bass and clear mids and highs. I thought it would be convenient to connect it to my mobile phone.

The BTH 12 headphones are crystal clear and the person I spoke to didn’t realize I was speaking through the headphones until I mentioned them.

Any max level sounded good to my ears across the audio spectrum. The BTH12 was easy to adjust to fit an adult-size head without any discomfort after wearing it for 6 hours.

The 40-hour battery life seems accurate. I had it plugged into my phone for 3 days before it needed a charge.

They worked well as phone accessories and sounded crisp and clear to my ears, even though no one complained of being “boxy” during our test period.

It’s also large, making it easy for small hands to operate the device. Voice prompts make it easy to adjust or understand the settings of your iClever BTH 12 headphones.

The USB-C connector is used for fast charging and is becoming an industry standard.

These eye-catching, inexpensive kids headphones sound surprisingly good, have a relatively low and adjustable maximum volume, and are easy on your child’s hearing.

  • Very good sound delivery at an affordable price
  • Low maximum volume is good to protect young ears
  • Budget headphones for every kid
  • Kids may get bored quickly
  • Doesn’t look very durable

What the Currently Technology Use in Wireless Headphones?

  • Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)
  • Transparency Mode
  • Latest Bluetooth versions
  • Customizable EQ Settings
  • Wireless Charging
  • Voice Assistant Integration
  • Audiophiles
  • LDAC, aptX, Latency Mode

Which is The Best Value for Money Wireless Headphones?

When we talk of the best value for money in our list of the headphones, OnePlus Buds Pro is the top pick.

The OnePlus Buds Pro for top-of-the-line wireless earbuds. These Bluetooth earbuds are completely cord-free, making them hassle-free to use.

These earphones are equipped with a microphone for convenient calls and innovative features like Smart Adaptive Noise Cancellation.

And these earbuds can block up to 40 dB of noise and automatically adjust to your environment. Thanks to Warp Charge technology, just 10 minutes of charging provides hours of usage. Impressively, they offer up to 38 hours of playtime.

What sets them apart is the OnePlus Audio ID feature. By taking a quick listening test during setup, you can personalize your audio experience with a unique hearing profile tailored to your ears.

Which is The Overall Best Wireless Headphone?

JBL Tune 750BTNC is our overall best choice from the list. It delivers immersive sound with impressive powerful and deep bass.

The headphones let you pair two devices at the same time and Very good battery life of up to 50 hours of backup.

What are The Different Types of Wireless Headphones?

In our detail research when selecting the 11 best wireless Bluetooth headphones in India, we have found quite a few different types of neckband earphones available in the market.

  • Bluetooth Headphones: These are the most common type of wireless headphones, using Bluetooth technology to connect to devices like smartphones, tablets, and computers.
  • True Wireless Earbuds: These earbuds have no wires connecting the earpieces, offering maximum freedom of movement and a sleek, minimalist design.
  • RF (Radio Frequency) Headphones: These headphones use radio frequency signals to transmit audio, offering a longer range than Bluetooth but requiring a separate transmitter.
  • Infrared (IR) Headphones: IR headphones use infrared signals to transmit audio, typically requiring a direct line of sight between the transmitter and headphones.
  • NFC (Near Field Communication) Headphones: These headphones connect to devices using NFC technology, allowing for quick and easy pairing by simply tapping the headphones to the device.
  • Wi-Fi Headphones: Wi-Fi headphones connect to devices via Wi-Fi networks, offering high-quality audio streaming and often featuring advanced features like multi-room audio synchronization.

Are Wireless Headphones Better Than Wired Headphones?

This not a very easy question to answer. But it depends on how you are supposed to use your headphones.

But for audiophiles and studio recording purpose, wired headphones have edge between the two. And wireless headsets are compact and more portable.

So, wireless headphones provide great convenience, saving you precious time and eliminating the hassle of tangled cords.

You have a freedom to move around without being tethered to your devices. They are perfect for workouts, travel, or even doing chores. These headphones offer the independence you crave.

One of the key features that make wireless headphones so appealing is Bluetooth technology. It ensures universal compatibility across various devices such as laptops, smartphones, and smart TVs.

Moreover, advancements in sound quality have debunked the myth that wired headphones always deliver superior audio.

Codecs like aptX and AAC have significantly improved the sound quality of wireless headphones. So, you can enjoy exceptional audio without the hassle of cords.

Not only are wireless headphones functional, but they also have sleek designs and true wireless options. They are not just a practical choice but a fashionable one too.

They are setting a new standard for personal audio. If you’re in the market for Bluetooth headphones, look no further. We have rounded up some of the best options for you to choose from.

How We Choose the Best Wireless Headphones

  • Sound quality: We love, you too excellent bass and crisp audio. They are essential for achieving amazing sound quality. For those who enjoy getting lost in the music, prioritizing sound quality is a must.
  • Comfort and fit: We give this the utmost importance when selecting wireless headphones. This is very important extended wear, particularly if you are leading an active lifestyle or engaging in sports. These wireless headphones not only provide a secure fit but also conveniently rest around the neck, ensuring a hassle-free experience.
  • Battery life and charging time: If you have a passion for music or love traveling to new places, consider getting wireless headphones that offer extended battery life and quick charging. With the right brand, you can enjoy more than 8 hours of playback with just a 10-minute charge.
  • Noise cancellation capabilities: This a very important factor when choosing wireless headphones. Wireless headphones need to come with noise cancellation technology to block out distractions and enhance your music and phone conversations.
  • Mic quality: We also check and ensure to test the microphone quality before buying, especially if it’s for using for calls and gaming. This way, your voice will be picked up clearly even in loud surroundings.
  • Touch Functionality: Some time the touch buttons placed on your wireless headphones don’t respond very smoothly. They are a little overwhelming. So, we check the touch functionality to ensure there is no lag.
  • Bluetooth version and connectivity range: We ensure to verify the connectivity options of these audio devices. That’s because not all of them have Bluetooth. For a more reliable connection and improved range, we opt for Bluetooth 5.0 or above. Also, keep in mind that the typical range for Bluetooth connections is around 30 feet.
  • Water and sweat resistance: If the wireless headphones are for your workout sessions, opt for a sweat-resistant one. But, if you plan on using it in the pool or during water activities, go for water-resistant wireless headphones instead.
  • Wireless headphones design and adjustability: When picking wireless headphones, it’s we prioritize comfort. We make sure to choose one with an ergonomic design and adjustable features. So, you can enjoy wearing your headphones around your neck without any discomfort.
  • Durability and build quality: We also ensure the build and design is durable to withstand tough conditions, and consider choosing waterproof options for added durability.
  • User reviews and Feedback: User reviews and feedback help a lot when deciding a pair of headphones to buy. We do thorough research and get feedback from a few members of our own community. So, it’s always advisable take a dive into the reviews and ratings. By doing so, you’ll be able to find the ideal match that perfectly caters to your specific needs.
  • Brand Reputation: We also look into the brand’s reputation before making any decisions, as reputable brands tend to offer superior customer support and service.
  • Price range and value for money: We pick wireless headphones that delivers exceptional sound quality, durability. And also, has impressive features without breaking the bank. Any wireless headphones offer you value for money in terms of premium sound quality, build quality and excellent features. But is its price range is easy on the pocket?
  • Wireless range and stability: The Bluetooth connection needs to be fast, effortless, and reliable, covering a distance of around 30 feet. Nevertheless, there are some models available that offer an extended range of up to 100 feet

Why You Should Choose From Top 11 Wireless Headphones

I and my friends are very fond of electronic gadgets. We are especially interested in audio devices. This includes all departments of headphones.

One of my friends is very fond of music and he even owns a small studio where he does all the audio and video editing work.

Whenever there is a launch of a new gizmo in the audio market, we either get it from our source or directly get into the showroom or studio to chill and get the taste of the newly launched headset.

We use these products for at least a couple of weeks or a month. This gives us ample time to see, test, and experience their all-around performance.

When we use these earbuds, it’s not limited to listening to music. It’s beyond that.

We do use them in indoor as well as outdoor activities, for example, running, walking, working out in the gym, and attending meetings on video calls or hands-free calls.

Therefore, the list of 11 best wireless headphones I put together here is very carefully curated based on our personal use and experience coupled with in-depth research.

Indeed, it is my best effort to produce the most useful content without any bias for my viewers and readers.

I am sure it will help you to pick the best wireless headphones you are looking for that meets all your requirements in your headset.

Our Methodology of Testing The Best Wireless Headphones

We’ve put all these top wireless headphones on our list of the best wireless headphones in India through rigorous testing.

Each pair had to meet specific criteria to get a spot in our guide. Firstly, Bluetooth connectivity is a must-have. We insist on stable and reliable connections for uninterrupted listening pleasure.

Comfort and style are equally important, as we assessed how comfortable they are for long listening sessions and how stylish they looked.

We don’t compromise a bit on wireless headsets on sound quality. We look for crystal-clear and powerful audio from every Bluetooth headset.

While not all headphones come with advanced features like noise cancellation or AI integration, we thoroughly tested those that do to ensure they performed exceptionally well and stood out among competitors.

Lastly, we took affordability into consideration. We understand that not everyone can splurge on premium headphones.

But we believe that every pair in our guide offers great value, delivering an exceptional audio experience without breaking the bank.

Which Brand Offer Best For Wireless Headphones?

Different brands of wireless headphones offer various features and audio quality, so the best choice entirely depends on your preferences and budget.

However, there are a few reputable options that are worth considering. If you are ready to invest in the Apple ecosystem, their headphones would seamlessly integrate with your devices.

Sony provides a wide range of versatile options, while Bose specializes in exceptional noise-cancelling technology.

Instead of solely focusing on brand names, it’s important to consider how you plan to use the headphones. Some excel in battery life, others prioritize sound quality, and some offer convenient features.

The key is to find the perfect match for your specific needs, rather than getting caught up in the logo on the headphones.

How You Can Maintain Your Headphones: A User Guide

If you want to ensure the long-term safety and lag free performance of your wireless headphones, we recommend you the following tips to follow:

  • Clean Periodically: Headphones are relatively sensitive devices. So, it’s wise to use a soft, dry cloth to remove earwax and debris buildup on the headsets.
  • Get the Right Fit: Headphones in general come with different sizes of earmuffs. Try all the earmuffs that come with your headsets. That’s because you will get better fit and seal for better sound quality and noise isolation.
  • Avoid Excessive Exposure to Sweat/Water: Though majority of headphones come equipped with water resistant, excessive exposure can still damage them over time. Wipe off sweat after a workout and don’t wear them in heavy rain.
  • Get a Strong Cover: You get case or cover when you buy your headphones. But you can still buy hard cover or case to protect them from damage when not in use.
  • Avoid Overcharging Wireless Headphones: Overcharging is dangerous. It’s important to keep track on charging not let your wireless headphones charging for extended periods. Plug out after they are fully charged as this can degrade the battery over time.
  • Equalize Wireless Headphones Judiciously: Keep the balance because over boosting bass or treble can damage your headphones drivers over the long run. And make them unusable. Avoid maxing out EQ if possible.
  • Replace Earmuffs: It is important to check your earphone’s earmuffs because they lose elasticity. And also, the quality depreciates over time. Check and replace them from time to time for comfort and sound.

Conclusion: Making Informed Buying Decisions Easy

The search for the perfect wireless headphones is a trip full of possibilities and chances amid the busy soundscape of India.

To meet a variety of audio needs and preferences, we have compiled a list of the top 11 wireless headphones in India.

The Oneplus Buds Pro and Sennheiser HD 450SE are fantastic options for individuals who demand superior sound quality and cutting-edge capabilities.

While the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro and Jabra Elite 4 Active are great options for athletes, the Bose Soundsport Sweatproof delivers comfort and durability.

The sonic prowess of the JBL Endurance Race TWS and Skullcandy Hesh Evo is impressive, and the iClever BTH13 and BTH12 Bluetooth Headphones provide affordable solutions without sacrificing sound quality.

The Skullcandy Crusher will undoubtedly satisfy your senses if you enjoy bass music.

So, the headphone market in India is booming, and this list highlights the best products available.

You may get the ideal wireless headphones to enhance your auditory experience and keep you engrossed in music, calls, and entertainment, regardless of your preferences.

My Honest Disclosure About These Wireless Headphones

I haven’t personally bought all of these wireless headphones, so I don’t have them all with me. But that’s totally understandable!

Some of the earphones on this list are ridiculously expensive. You’d have to be a famous DJ or artist to justify splurging on something that’s essentially a luxury item.

Even though I’m starting to appreciate the difference high-quality headphones can make, I couldn’t bring myself to spend too much money, especially when I wanted to try out all these wireless headphones.

Instead, I reached out to friends who owned them or, for the really pricey ones, gave them a quick test in-store.

It wasn’t as thorough as trying out the wireless headphones I did end up buying or spending more time with them, but it gave me enough information to understand their features and sound quality.

After jotting down my thoughts and experience, I put together this review of top-notch wireless headphones.

It was a pretty enjoyable experience, and honestly, I’ll probably do it again when new wireless headphones hit the market!

FAQs on Best Wireless Headphones in India

A: The OnePlus Buds Pro offer smart adaptive noise cancellation, 10 minutes of Warp Charge for extended use, up to 38 hours of battery life, Zen Mode, and Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity.

A: The JBL Tune 760NC boasts active noise cancellation, ensuring immersive sound quality even in noisy environments. Additionally, its long-lasting battery life and comfortable design make it a popular choice for users.

A: The Sennheiser HD 450SE offers exceptional sound quality, along with active noise cancellation to block out distractions. Its comfortable fit and long battery life make it ideal for extended listening sessions.

A: The Bose Soundsport Sweatproof headphones are designed to withstand intense workouts and outdoor activities while delivering crisp, clear sound. Their sweat-resistant design ensures durability, making them a reliable choice for fitness enthusiasts.

A: The Jabra Elite 4 Active headphones are specifically designed for active lifestyles, offering a secure fit, sweat resistance, and customizable sound profiles. With their long battery life and durable build, they’re perfect for workouts and outdoor adventures.

A: The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro feature intelligent active noise cancellation, immersive sound quality, and a comfortable, ergonomic design. They also offer seamless integration with Samsung devices and long-lasting battery life.

A: The JBL Endurance Race TWS headphones are designed to stay in place during intense workouts, with a secure fit and sweat-proof construction. Their durable build and long battery life make them a great choice for active users.

A: The Skullcandy Hesh Evo headphones offer powerful sound, customizable EQ settings, and long-lasting battery life. Their sleek design and comfortable fit make them a stylish and practical choice for everyday use.

A: The iClever BTH13 headphones feature advanced Bluetooth technology, delivering stable connectivity and high-quality audio. With their lightweight design and long battery life, they’re perfect for on-the-go use.

A: The Skullcandy Crusher headphones offer powerful bass, adjustable haptic feedback, and long battery life. Their immersive sound experience and comfortable fit make them a popular choice for music lovers.

A: The iClever BTH12 headphones combine affordability with reliable performance, offering clear sound and comfortable wear. With their long battery life and user-friendly features, they provide excellent value for money.

A Few Notable Mentions
  • Sennheiser HD 450SE: The Sennheiser HD 450SE are the perfect wireless headphone companion. They are designed in Germany. These headphones feature Bluetooth 5.0 technology and integrated Alexa. Bid farewell to distractions with active noise cancellation, and revel in up to 30 hours of music on a single charge. They’re also foldable for convenience and backed by a 2-year warranty.
  • Jabra Elite 4 Active: The Jabra Elite 4 Active earbuds are sleek wireless wonders. And these are designed to snugly fit in your ears, making them the ideal companion for intense workouts or when you’re on the move. You have complete control over how much of your surroundings you want to hear.
  • Samsung the Galaxy Buds Pro: The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro are the ultra-intelligent earbuds. They have excellent noise cancellation that eliminate up to 99% of ambient noise. These earbuds are completely cord-free and easily connect via Bluetooth. This allows you to enjoy unrestricted movement. They are equipped with a built-in microphone and wireless charging capability.And they are ideal for taking calls while on the move.
  • JBL Tune 760NC: The JBL Tune 760NC headphones are wireless over-ear headphones. And these are equipped with top-notch active noise cancellation to eliminate all distractions and let you immerse yourself in your music. They feature a convenient built-in microphone for seamless call handling. These headphones are long-lasting, providing an impressive 50 hours of playtime on a single charge.
Hi, this is Mahendra Shah (also M S in short) a true tech enthusiast with a unique blend of skills and passions for writing. I have a formal education in computer science and possess a solid foundation in the world of technology. My insatiable hunger for knowledge and my relentless pursuit of self-improvement is never ending. As a self-taught and self-learned writer, I have honed my skills over the past decade, specializing in the captivating realm of tech gears, particularly audio devices.

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